Core values

Digital House of Europe Foundation upholds the important core values of quality, safety, integrity, objectivity, independence, fairness, transparency and autonomy. Core values on which ‘digital me’ (the individual) can fully rely.


Society is made up of Communities.

A Community is a local or virtual cooperation in which personal responsibility or corporate social responsibility is central. Companies, organisations and/or groups of citizens work together on the development of new products and services in their own (virtual) living and/or working environment.

Digital House of Europe Foundation wants to support European Communities, in the broadest sense of the word, in directing their digital human right. The individual within the Community is the owner of and responsible for his/her own data. In this, the individual is equal to ‘digital me’, the person who decides whether data is shared with third parties. From privacy to ownership.

Between these European Communities, (temporary) cooperation bonds may arise for the purpose of knowledge exchange and data transfer, for example.

A European Community consists of members who have a common bond. The European Communities have their own language, culture and characteristics. The Digital House of Europe Foundation’s philosophy is based on European laws and regulations, European human rights and the European Court.

The values of these European Communities are respected and in no way compromised by Digital House of Europe Foundation. We are based on the uniqueness of the individual and of the community.


Digital House of Europe Foundation considers it of utmost importance that European Communities are assisted in finding the right balance between the use of personal data and the protection of privacy.

Digital House of Europe Foundation wants all European Communities to be able to independently ensure that they have the right balance between the protection of privacy and the use of personal data.

The European Communities are supported in this in a neutral and independent way by Digital House of Europe Foundation. The main objective of Digital House of Europe Foundation is to prevent third parties from impeding or misusing the human right of others. Digital House of Europe Foundation also wants to realise a protected and safe exchange of data (big data), so that new insights can be developed and knowledge can be transferred between European Communities.

Full version of the philosophy of the Digital House of Europe.

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